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Bamboo plywood dust - Sawdust - Natural fertilizer

Bamboo plywood dust - Sawdust - Natural fertilizer

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Bamboo plywood sawdust mix

Giant ''Ziploc'' bag (as pictured) or 5LBS

Sawdust is useful for:

NATURAL FERTILIZER Feed your plants. Sawdust mixed with manure or nitrogen supplement keeps your plants healthy and moist, also reducing the frequency of watering.

FIRE LIGHTER Melt vegetable wax for candles (such as soy) in a non-stick pot, add sawdust until the liquid thickens, pour into an empty egg carton and let cool. Use briquettes to help start a fire. Also, just add about 1% of potatoes (potatoes) to the sawdust before pressing it, this will act as a natural non-toxic "glue". You will get combustible briquettes with high calorific value.

MULCH Apply a light layer to the garden to use as a mulch. Sawdust will help keep snails and caterpillars at bay. To be used with moderation, because very rich in carbon. Applying a layer of coarse sawdust will also help keep walkways clean, control “weeds” and make it easier to walk through the garden.

MORTAR Mixed with lime, sawdust can become a natural alternative to mortar.

NATURAL ABSORBENT Sawdust can also be an alternative for absorbing liquids, such as oils, often used in mechanics.

CAMOUFLAGE Can be used to camouflage holes and imperfections in bamboo or wood. To be mixed wood glue.

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